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Meet the Team

Who We Are

Jack Yang

Chairman & CEO, Operations Management

Jack is the founder of H.E.A.T, an avid debater, researcher, climber, drummer, coder and music listener. Through H.E.A.T, Jack aims to merge his academic interests in policy-making and geo-economics to raise awareness behind the misguided incentives that have shaped inequality in Hong Kong today.


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Veer Gokhale

Co-chairman, Policy Development & Research

Veer is the co-founder of H.E.A.T. As someone who grew up travelling to India, Veer vividly remembers the misery that came with power outages that cut off the AC. After informing himself about the status quo in Hong Kong, he was motivated to co-found H.E.A.T with Jack. A talented physicist,
Veer plans to use his knowledge in physics to expand awareness of existing literature on the urban heat island effect. In his free time, Veer enjoys playing and watching football.


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Dorothy Yip

Communications & Marketing

Dorothy leads marketing and communications at H.E.A.T. With wide-branching interests in the humanities and current affairs, Dorothy has always had the issue of welfare for those in poverty on her
radar. Through H.E.A.T, she looks to take concrete action and support those living in Hong Kong’s infamous cage homes. You’ll often find her with a sketchpad in hand or on her board at the skatepark. 

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Maximilian Bergmair

Policy Development & Research

Max’s combination of interests in physics, engineering and biology drew him to H.E.A.T. He aims to research and develop policies and approaches to address the lethal consequences of interactions between Hong Kong’s climate and its poorly thought-out use of land. Outside academics, Max’s passions lie as much with weightlifting as with storytelling, particularly in the form of tabletop role-playing games.


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