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Our Fans

What we deliver:


Quality: At H.E.A.T H.K, appliance quality is our top priority. Before selecting our fan model, we conducted extensive market research to ensure our appliances meet international standards in safety, durability and energy efficiency. Furthermore, we tested our fan model prior to approving it for use. 


Cost-effectiveness: H.E.A.T aims to help as many people as possible. This means that we are dedicated to maximising cost effectiveness and making sure that your money is used effectively. To do this, we have reached out to TCL, our fan supplier, and negotiated bulk discounts. 


Optimal size: In order to strike a balance between having a large enough surface area to produce a significant cooling effect, and being small enough to conveniently fit in a cage home, we chose fans that were 10 inches in diameter. This small size also helps us to minimise energy usage and therefore the cost of operation of these fans. 


Convenience: We limited our selection to box and table fans as opposed to handheld fans, to ensure that they can stand on their own and be used throughout the day and while asleep. 


Energy Efficiency: At HEAT HK, we are committed to doing our part to combat global warming, and will only choose fan models with low power ratings. One of the main advantages of using fans as opposed to air conditioners is that they use significantly less energy. In fact, our model uses over 100 times less energy than the average air conditioning unit in Hong Kong. 


Specifications: Our purchased fans meet Hong Kong’s voltage and frequency specifications (220V, 50Hz), and any donated fans will be checked to make sure they do so as well.

With that in mind, below is the fan model we have chosen:


  • Diameter - 10 inches

  • Power - 45 watts

  • Rated voltage - 220V

  • Rated frequency - 50Hz

  • Wire length - 1.2m

  • Other features

    • Fan timer settings at 1 hour intervals

    • 3 different wind speed settings - low, medium, high

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