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Our Mission

At H.E.A.T, we aim to tackle the issue of heat stress in underserved communities around Hong Kong by mitigating its consequences and addressing its root causes.


With your help, we aim to raise $100K, through crowdfunding, in school events, and online donations. This money will go towards the purchase of fans for those in need.

Purchasing and Collecting Fans

We will purchase new fans that meet our standards for wind speed, efficiency, and durability using the money we raise. We also plan to collect used fans from donors, to help ensure that we remain as environmentally friendly as possible.

Distributing to those

in need

We are working with Crossroads to help distribute our fans to low-income communities. With your support, we aim to eventually establish our own distribution network to help maximise the efficiency of our operations. 


In the long term, we look to elevate discourse 

around the issue of heat stress, and conditions in cage

homes in general.

Educating the public

We aim to educate Hong Kongers on the wide ranging issues surrounding heat stress in cage homes. Through weekly Instagram posts and articles, we will outline key topics such as the urban heat island effect and how forced land scarcity has contributed to poor living conditions.

Giving a voice to the forgotten

Discourse around this issue in the status quo inevitably focuses on exorbitant housing prices; the very real human effects of heat stress are often overlooked. We aim to give a voice to underserved, forgotten citizens through screening documentaries and Crossroads' feedback stories.

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